Commentaries of a Leftist

Reactions Without Sense

Date added: 2023 April 10 Last modified: 2023 April 10 Table of Contents Introduction The White Reaction Asian Reactions Mourning Unsurprise Shock Why These Reactions? Methodology and Limitations Post Script Resources Reactions Without Sense: Asian American Reactions to the 2023 Shootings Dedicated to the victims: Yu Xiujuan, 57; Jian Hongying, 62; Li Lilan, 63; Yu Wen-Tau, 64; Nhan Mymy, 65; Ung Muoi Dai, 67; Valentino Marcos Alvero, 68; Diana Man Ling Tom, 70; Ma Ming Wei, 72; Kao Yu-Lun, 72; and Yau Chia Ling, 76.

The Challenge of Postmodernism

Date added: 2023 May 8 Last modified: 2023 May 8 The 60s to 80s were a confusing time. In the U.S., these years are perhaps most significant for their association with the Civil Rights Movement and subsequent radicalism. The U.S. went to war in Vietnam, experienced stagflation, turned towards Neoliberalism, and emerged the victor in the Cold War. Outside of the U.S., there was the growth of the New Left movement in the first world, the second world fragmented in the Sino-Soviet split, and third world decolonial movements rose elsewhere.